People Speak About Us

Meeting Doctor Rishabh Nanavati was an excellent experience. I felt quite relaxed when he was giving personal attention in enquiring each and every aspect of my health issues and noting down patiently my problem areas. Considering the seriousness of my health, he offered me enough care by organizing online consultation, when he himself was faced with covid symptoms. He personally ensured that I get the relevant help from other specialist doctors needed for my treatment. The professional services offered by the doctor were highly appreciated and recommended. 🌷 🙏

It's been quite some time that my mom has been going through bad joint pains. Our family doctor suggested seeing Rheomotologist Dr. Rishabh Nanavati. I think this was the wise decision we took. My mom 76 years old always reluctant to visit a doc, but since we met up with Dr. Nanavati.. she’s convinced and relaxed that she is been treated in the right hands. The way he explained her problem, calmed her, parallelly diagnosed the entire issue, and gave her the confidence that she can be normal again has put new zinc in her, and am really glad to say that we made the right choice to visit him. Thanks a lot, doc.

Very knowledgeable, polite & helpful. Listen to problems carefully n show concern. Dr. Rishabh Nanavati is very kind & has deep knowledge. He listen to my problems carefully & then gave advice which help me to get rid of my issues. He is calm & readily available. Thank you Sir for your great help.

Dr. Rishabh is an excellent diagnostician, he was recommended to us by another extremely renowned Dr, and he made us feel positive about the whole situation and assured us that either way there's an answer to all problems. Anyone with rheumatic issues should visit him.

I went to Dr Rishabh Nanavati for my Mother-in-law’s treatment. He was very kind and made her understand the diagnosis and treatment course very well. She is also feeling much better now after just one consultation with Dr Rishabh.

I was a covid patient and then after 2 months was infected with covid side effects. I had sever joint pains. I had contacted Dr. Rishabh Nanavati in emergency. He understood my pain and met me the same day. Gave me a patient hearing. Asked me my medical history and then checked me. He started the treatment and nearly after a month i am feeling much better and my pains have lessened to quite an extent. Thanks to him.

Dr Rishabh Nanavati listened to my entire case history patiently and addressed all the questions I had. He is knowledgeable and pragmatic and will not push you into any treatment option(s) unless absolutely necessary - this can be crucial for anyone experiencing arthritis-like symptoms because the treatment and medications are long-term. I strongly recommend him for his expertise in this field.

Dr. (Rishabh Nanavati) is Knowledgeable, dynamic and highly informative… I immediately felt at ease – and felt confident in receiving expert medical care. Staff was great, too. Good overall experience. HIGHLY recommended.